With a focus on the classical distillation of most rare and valuable Natural Perfumery Ingredients, An Najwa is one of the most reputable, Direct to Consumer brand today. Founded right here in India, which is the home of one of the best Oud which is known for it's distinctive aroma all over the world. We provide the finest Oud Oils, Floral Ottos, and some mind blowing Artisinal blends. Our mission is to offer the most alluring and distinctive aromas possible, the finest scents you can find on Earth.

We initiated our journey almost two decades ago with supplying some high grade Hindi oud from Assam, Nagaland, and Meghalaya, as well as various neighbouring regions that are well known for their outstanding oud, such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan etc.

Our Olfactory collection includes a variety of Natural Oils, some of which are Artisanally extracted using Traditional distillation techniques and some using Modern methods

Our products range from tradionally distilled oud to some incredible artisanal oud, misk, amber, and other unique Natural oils. We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support we have received along the way and are truly humbled by how much love and appreciation our cherished and limited oud oils have received from people all over the world.